Benefits of Heat Pump Systems

Check out the benefits listed below for some of the great ways that heat pumps can meet all your home heating needs and more:

Energy Efficiency

HEAT PUMPS are up to 500% efficient - just 1kW of power can produce up to 5kW of heating or cooling output.

This means that every $1 of electricity the system uses to operate, gives you up to $5 worth of heating or cooling. (based on a heat pump with a 6 star energy efficiency)

By comparison, a standard electric heater will use 1kW of power to produce only 1kW of heat.

Of course efficiency performances vary according to the brand and model, the climatic conditions, existing home insulation and layout and other such considerations. However, the relative efficiency of heat pump systems compared to other forms of heating can be clearly seen in the following diagram:

Bar graph showing the energy efficiency of various heating applicances. Heat pump systems are 5 times as efficient as the next closest system (Electric Fan Heater) Energy Star logo Example Energy Star rating sheet

To help consumers select the most efficient appliances: New Zealand recently adopted the ENERGY STAR programme. ENERY STAR is the global mark of energy efficiency. it is awarded to the most energy efficient appliances and products.

All single phase domestic HEAT PUMP systems sold in New Zealand most now display an Energy Rating Label.

Energy rating levels show how appliances measure up to performance standards. For example, on air conditioners and heat pumps, the label provides information on energy use - cooling in blue, heating in red - and the capacity of the appliance.

An appliance's energy consumption is measured with the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) for cooling, or the Coefficient of Performance (CoP) for heating. From these ratios a Star Rating is determined. The more stars a system has - the more energy efficient it is.

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More Than Just A Heating Appliance

HEAT PUMPS not only conveniently and efficiently HEAT and COOL your home - they can also FILTER and DEHUMIDIFY your home's air providing all year round comfort. That's the equivalent of having four appliances in our home - all conveniently packed in one system.

Some HEAT PUMPS have Allergen Clear Filters that break down and ultimately deactivate bacteria, moulds, viruses and allergens like pollen, pet hair, skin flakes etc.

Some HEAT PUMPS have Photo-Catalytic Deodorising Filters which assist in taking odours out of the air - no more lingering cigarette smells, or unpleasant cooking or pet smells.

Some HEAT PUMPS produce Negative Ions - experience fresh, revitalising indoor air similar to that near a forest stream or waterfall.

HEAT PUMPS on Dehumidifier Mode extract the moisture from the air - no more condensation; no more mould; less bacteria and dust mites and on cooling mode there's no more hot, sticky, uncomfortable summers.

Ducted Heat Pumps can incorporate a Ventilation System thatmixes warm, dry air from the ceiling space with the air in the room. This controls condensation while heating your house during winter. Most ventilation systems don't heat your house - they are primarily aimed at removing condensation.

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HEAT PUMPS have no naked flames or hot elements which means they are totally safe for kids and pets.

HEAT PUMPS have no fire risks and won't cause house fires - leave them on whle you're sleeping or even when you're out - without any worries.

HEAT PUMPS have no flammable fuels and emit no fumes - unlike faulty portable gas heaters there's no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and nitrogen dioxide fumes which can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation and may cause impaired lung function and increased respiratory infections in young chldren.

HEAT PUMPS keep you cool on hot, muggy nights - you can keep your windows closed to keep you and your family safe and secure and those pesky mosquitoes out.

HEAT PUMPS leave no electrical cords exposed for children to play with or on the floor to trip over.

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Health Benefits

HEAT PUMPS are good for your family's health and can help bring relief to those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis and arthritis.

HEAT PUMP Allergen clean filters deactiviate a wide range of allergens, bacteria, moulds and virusees, as well as keeping your house warm and dry.

The Housing and Health Rsearch Programme's Associate Professor - Philipa Howden-Chapman has said that:

..warm, dry homes help to limit the number and severity of asthma attacks, which can be triggered by viral infection or pollutants may play a significant role in some children's asthma..keeping a home warm, paraticularly for infants and young pepole, or older people who aren't good at regulating their body temperature, can make a real difference in reducing asthma attacks

This is what A. Fitzgerald of Christchurch had to say after the installation of a SRK/SRC63ZEa heat pump into their home:

Since having a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pump installed my asthma and allergies have gone from being quite severe to nearly non-existent, therefore I would not hesitate to recommend this model of heat pump for asthma and allergy control.

HEAT PUMPS don't expel emmissions or put water vapour into your house unlike some other forms of heating (e.g. some portable/unflued gas heaters).

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Heat Pumps are Convenient and Save You Time

INVERTER HEAT PUMPS have accurate temperature control with a difference of +/- 0.5 C from the set temperature.

HEAT PUMP systems come with a timer. Just set the timer to your preferred temperature and wake up or come home to a cmfortable living environment. With a push of the button you'll have a warmer, drier and healthier home in winter and a cooler, more comfortable home in summer.

There's no more cutting, stacking and lugging in firewood on those cold, we twinter nights, no more lighting fires or cleaning dirty fire places and having to dispose of the ashes.

No more gas bottles or diesel tanks to fill.

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HEAT PUMPS are the most energy efficient form of heating. HEAT PUMPS release no pollutants, smoke CO2 or other impurities into our atmosphere, heling New Zealand towards a cleaner and greener future for our children and grandchildren.

Modern HEAT PUMPS use R410A refrigerant gas which doesn't deplete the earth's ozone layer. The older systems (and many of the cheaper models on the market) use the ozone deplete gas R22, which is currently being phased out of the industry to help New Zealand meet their commitment to the Kyoto Protocol.

With a HEAT PUMP you don't have to worry about the strict new council regulations coming into effect on fire place emissions.

With the growing concern of the impact that emissions of greenhouse gases are having on the planet (i.e. the Global Warming crisis), many Councils and electricity suppliers now recommend HEAT PUMPS over other forms of home heating.

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Quiet and Reliable

Modern HEAT PUMPS are designed to operate as quietly as possible - both inside and outside.

The latest, top of the line hi-wall and floor mount HEAT PUMP systems have an ultra low setting which provides the ultimate in quietness - check out the graph below to see the range of hi-wall and floor console noise levels compared to common everyday noises.

Most HEAT PUMP systems we sell come with a full FIVE YEAR warranty on all parts, compressor and labour, providing peace of mind for your investment. We are accredited installers for Fujitsu and can offer a full SIX YEAR warranty on Fujitsu systems.

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Economical Advantages

HEAT pumps can save you money on electrical running costs.

An investment in a HEAT PUMP system adds value to your home and increases its saleability.

(PLEASE NOTE: some of the features described above are not available on all models or types of heat pump systems - please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.)

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