Central Ducted Systems

A central ducted HEAT PUMP system is ideal for single storey homes. With just the push of a button, your whole home can be heated or cooled - all from the one system.

This indoor unit is either mounted in the ceiling space (as seen in the picture above) or under the floor, depending upon available room. The outdoor unit is placed in the most suitable area. We generally try to locate the outdoor unit in a position that is unobtrusive and away from the main entertainment area. In some cases we can even install the outdoor unit under a deck.

Quiet and unobtrusive, the only visible components of this type of system, inside the house are the supply and return grilles, saving valuable wall and floor space.

The grilles come in a range of types, colours and sizes to complement your home's interior and to suit even the most discerning customer. The grilles shown below are just a sample of what is available.

Supply Air

Aluminium Linear Bar Floor Grilles

Solid and Cast Brass Floor Grilles - antique and contemporary styles

Aluminium Ceiling Grilles

Other Aluminium Supply Grilles

Aluminium supply grilles coming up under the kitchen bench

Round Plastic Ceiling Diffusers

Return Air

Aluminium Return Grilles

Insulated ducting is attached to the unit and transfers the conditioned air to grills or diffusers located discretely in several rooms. The ducting and grilles are sized according to the air-flow requirements for each room or area to give a consistent, even temperature throughout the whole house.

We can also combine fresh air ventilation inlets with the system to provide a total climate control system that will heat, cool and dehumidify your entire house. The fresh air ventiliation connection draws in fresh, dry air from the ceiling space (or outside depending on the house) to mix with the conditioned air from the heat pump system. This creates a positive pressure in the house and pushes out moisture laden air. Because dry air is easier to heat than damp air - this may increase the efficiency of the heat pump system and gives excellent condensation control whilst on heating as well as on cooling mode.