We have a very strong environmental ethic and it is important to us to minimise the impact on the environment wherever possible. This goes from recommending the highest energy efficient heat pump systems right down to recycling our packaging, waste material and other rubbish wherever possible (even when it costs us more than just throwing it in the landfill).

This means all cardboard and paper is seperated and collected regularly by Paper Reclaim.

Polystyrene packaging is sent off to Bondor to be broken down and recycled.

Plastics, copper, aluminium, and other such materials are also carefully sorted and sent off for recycling. All gases are safely recovered and disposed of. We also strip down old heaters or units to recover any copper or other materials before disposal.

We've also recently added a low emissions, low fuel usage Toyota Prius Hybrid car to our fleet and are currently looking into converting our diesel van to run on bio-oil (i.e. used fish and chip oil).

Even the cleaning products carried in our van for cleaning up after installation and during services are natural based eco-cleaners. And our Office Manager insists on only natural cleaning producs throughout the office and store.