Floor Consoles

Designed to be mounted low on the wall either flush with or just above floor level, Floor Consoles are a discreet way of heating and cooling individual rooms or areas.

Unlike hi-walls which usually require an external wall, floor consoles can be mounted on an internal wall giving more optons for locating the indoor unit.

With their neutral colours and modern design, these systems blend in with most decors and are ideal for replacement of space heaters or gas fires/fireplaces.

Floor consoles come with their own infrared remote controller for manual on/off operation of the indoor unit.
Some models have an optional wall mounted controller with 7 day timer.

There is a new range of compact models and some of these can be recessed into the wall cavity to give a more shallow profile.

The new compact floor consoles have both upper and lower air outlets.

The louvers can be independently adjusted give you full control and optimum air distribution throughout the entire room.

Floor consoles also come with a range of filters and deodorizers to capture dust and other air-borne allergens and to ensure your homes air remains clean fresh and healthy.

Advantages of Floor Consoles Disadvantages of Floor Consoles
Indoor unit can be mounted on internal wall Slightly less energy efficient than hi-walls with the equivalent output capacity
Can be recessed into wall cavity Slightly more expensive than hi-walls with the equivalent output capacity
Heat distributed at floor level Compact Models have a maximum output capacity of 6kW nominal heating
Very discreet and unobtrusive