High Walls

Hi-Walls are one of the most popular types of heat pump systems in New Zealand and come in a variety of sizes and styles.
Hi-Walls are the most simple and cost effective method of heating and cooling individual rooms in either residential or commercial premises.
As the name implies - the indoor unit of the hi-wall heat pump system, sits high on a wall, just below the ceiling, which means it is out of the way and takes up no indoor space.

Modern hi-wall systems have adjustable louvers that allow the heat to be blown towards the ground where the cold air sits. The warm air hits the floor and rises slowly as it runs along the floor. This distributes the warm air evenly through the room.

Hi-Walls come with their own infrared remote controller for manual on/off operation of the indoor unit. Most controllers have a 24 hour on/off dimmer which allows you to wake up or come home in a comfortably warm room. You can set the system to a temperature you find comfortable then just sit back and enjoy the conditioned environment.

Hi-Walls also comes with a wide range of air purifying and filtration features including standard dust filters and allergen filters, anti-viral/bacteria and mould filters, deodorising filters, odour absorbers and even ion air fresheners that that generate negative ions to freshen the room.

By capturing and deactivating air-borne irritants such as dust and fungi spores, the filters provide a cleaner indoor air quality and a healthier living environment for you and your family. Asthma sufferers in particular will benefit from the cleaner air.

For most systems, maintaining the effectiveness of the filters is easy - simply remove the filter from the unit, rinse in water, shake off excess moisture and return filter to unit.

(n.b. always check the manual for instructions specific to your model before undertaking any maintenance).

Advantages of High Walls Disadvantages of High Walls
Most effective heat pump system Usually need an external wall for locating indoor unit
Indoor unit high up on wall and out of reach of children Indoor unit can be quite visible in room
Indoor unit takes up no floor space Locating indoor unit above furniture can restrict air-flow and affect performance
Hi-walls generally have better filtration options